The rosehip branches of Könst and Mul roseproducts are locally grown in the province North Holland. We, René Könst and Monique Mul, cultivate the rosehip varieties "Corallo" and "Zaffiro".
Our rosehip branches are natural, diverse in shape and thornless. It is a main branch with side branches and each side branche has its hips. The branches are sold without leaves. The leaves are taken away by hand.

The decorative branches with rose hips are sold in the autumn as a seasonal product. The harvest is from September untill December. Within two days after cutting, the branches are offered on the auction, so the product is fresh. Florists and traiders can buy these branches at the "Flora Holland Aalsmeer" the flower auction. Our branches with rose hips can be recognized by the product card, mounted with an iron ring. Our branches are without packaging offered at the auction.

We enjoy the sight of our product. Remarks and improvements are welcome.

Veilingkarren met onze producten

Season 2021

  • First autionday harvest 2021: Friday, September 3 2021

  • Auctiondays: Monday, Tuesday,  Wednesday and Friday

  • bird friendly
  • butterfly friendly
  • bij
  • solar enery
  • minimum pesticide
  • minimum fertilizer

Bird friendly - Butterfly friendly - Bee friendly - Electricity = 100% solarenergy - We make use of natural enemies, 6 sprayings against fungal diseases - Minimum use of fertilizer

Könst en Mul roseproducts
Phone: +31 6 25597730 (René Könst)
Veiling Flora Holland (Auction location Aalsmeer)